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4th September 2007

[*poke poke poke*]

[*removes head from sand and looks around*]

hello amazing and very busy ladies,

I just posted this over at my website blog and thought it might go nicely here as well. Enjoy!

Love to you all and I hope things are progressing as they should be!

In stillness

You know life is good when you can feel productive watching your tea leaves uncurl. There is something so satisfying in knowing that even with all the things I should/could be doing I have taken these 3 minutes all to myself simply to watch the unfolding.

I feel sometimes as if in these still moments more gets done than if I was rushing about.

So just for today, I encourage you to take a moment all for yourself to simply observe. Whether you copy me and watch your tea leaves expand, rain running down the window, leaves dancing in the wind, an insect pollinating flowers, the clouds, the people walking by... whatever you can, just sit and be caught up in the activity.

Maybe you'll find a lot has changed in that simple act of observation and you'll see the world in a whole new way. If only for today. I wish you delight in stillness.

20th April 2007

I know I haven't posted here for a while and I know that I'm not the only one who has had a difficult time recently.

I just wanted to share a photograph I took today because it sort of sums up the turning of the seasons to me. Life is a never-ending cycle and while we might be at the bottom now, eventually the circle turns and we will reach the top.

Blessed Be

Spring leafCollapse )

18th March 2007

wow! it has been a long long while since i posted here.

mainly because i keep forgetting to celebrate the little things and reward myself with small tasks like this that bring me delight. i have also been very focused in the last two weeks on all the empty spaces instead of the full ones. empty spaces in a massage therapist life either equals potential new income or a giant gaping hole in finances. unfortunately it has been the giant gaping hole and i have been a bit depressed about it all.

to bring myself around this past week i did two things that made me happy. i worked 3 different times in my garden, which is a constant joy to me. i adore ripping out weeds and hauling heavy stuff around, it all makes me feel so productive and alive, and i can work out a surprising number of problems in the yard.

the second thing was planning a brief chat every morning with my business partner to set the intention for the day. we take turns calling each other and spend about 5 minutes setting a focus or intention and giving each other support. it is so nice to have that brief check in that really make the day progress, in a more intentional way.

4th March 2007

i almost didn't post tonight, but i vowed to myself i would do this when i started the group, so...

good things that happened to me this week:

i had a nice dinner with my friend A
I had a lovely time being lotr tour guide to ithilwen and tyellas

i would put down that i finished my job, but i'm still not sure what category that fits in except The Right Thing To Do.

24th February 2007

I started a new job this week.

I'm worn out (working more hours while training than I will be once I settle in), but I am earning money for New Orleans, and San Francisco trips. And buying a car that can make it out of the valley, and tuition for next semester, and eventually moving back to civilization.

So, yeah, kinda really fantastic that I've got a job.
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