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Hufflepuff Princess
I started a new job this week.

I'm worn out (working more hours while training than I will be once I settle in), but I am earning money for New Orleans, and San Francisco trips. And buying a car that can make it out of the valley, and tuition for next semester, and eventually moving back to civilization.

So, yeah, kinda really fantastic that I've got a job.
  • Congratulations!
  • yayyayyayyayyayyay!!!!!

    good on you sweets.

    am so pleased that at least one of us is employed (it gives me vain hope for the other of us [*smiles*])

    and i'm so thrilled i'm going to see you in may [*bounces*]
    • I think I may have spoken to soon.

      Boss lady wants complete flexibility from her part-time, minimum wage employees, but is unwilling to have any flexibility back. I mentioned in passing that in the fall I'd be taking hybrid courses instead of just on-line only, and that I'd be in Fullerton a number of weekends during the semester. She considers the very mentioning of this on my third day to be a sign that I have no work ethic, and basically gave me the weekend (the weekend being Sunday and Monday) to decide if I was really ready to commit to this job.

      To be honest, I'd rather submit a resume to the other florist in town and tighten my financial belt until that or something else I really like comes along. I'd stay until May (cause no way is she giving me a week off for PR, which I mentioned in the beginning and she said she'd think about), but I really like the store manager, and I know that training someone (which she feels takes 3 months - she's really patient and thorough) just to have them quit is really disheartening to her.

      *sigh* So, it's back on the job hunt for me.
      • oh [*is sad*] that's kind of depressing...

        still, the boss sounds a bit, well, bitchydemanding and a tad unrealistic.

        good luck with the whole hunting thing. [*smooches*]
        • It really is depressing. I'm hoping I'm through the worst of the panic, though.

          The store manager says the boss's been burnt a lot with recent hires. Then again, she also can't figure out why everyone would rather approach her than the boss. She gets along great with her.

          Good luck to you, too. Tomorrow, I am off to the local Boys and Girls Club to apply for a part time Program Coordinator position. Have no idea if I am in any way qualified, but I figure all those years of theatre games have to come in handy sometime.
    • And also?

      I cannot wait for MAY! *bounces with* More than anything, I can't wait to see everyone.
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