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wow! it has been a long long while since i posted here. mainly…

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wow! it has been a long long while since i posted here.

mainly because i keep forgetting to celebrate the little things and reward myself with small tasks like this that bring me delight. i have also been very focused in the last two weeks on all the empty spaces instead of the full ones. empty spaces in a massage therapist life either equals potential new income or a giant gaping hole in finances. unfortunately it has been the giant gaping hole and i have been a bit depressed about it all.

to bring myself around this past week i did two things that made me happy. i worked 3 different times in my garden, which is a constant joy to me. i adore ripping out weeds and hauling heavy stuff around, it all makes me feel so productive and alive, and i can work out a surprising number of problems in the yard.

the second thing was planning a brief chat every morning with my business partner to set the intention for the day. we take turns calling each other and spend about 5 minutes setting a focus or intention and giving each other support. it is so nice to have that brief check in that really make the day progress, in a more intentional way.
  • I'm so, so glad that you found the time to do things for you... here's hoping that your morning chats with your business partner are going as well as you'd hoped!!

    *hugs you*
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